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The beast humans refer to as the antichrist (antichrist, beast, devil what-
ever) is alive and well.  It has been trapped in the Sangre de Cristos
mountains - Crestone Colorado, United States.  It is feared by beings from
other realms of our creator's multi-dimensional universes.  It is using 
mankind to help it escape. 
Entities  from other dimensions of God's realm will destroy our planet if it
becomes a threat to them.  It is actually trapped in 'two' dimensions of God's 

realm at the same time.

If God Is Constant, Then So Too His Creation

December 7th, 2010
(Update: Contact of a Mystic Kind The Ron Hicks Story)

  CERN PROJECT advancing to provide the Antimatter to move the mountains where the 'BEAST' is trapped in this dimension of time.

For the Universe to expand, it would therefore have to evolve. If the Universe were after all 'created' it would be, as they say, in a steady-state; neither open, nor closed. The Universe would in effect be akin to a Fetus (or at least a Cosmic Womb, with a view.)  A Fetus grows, evolves, by expanding until it reaches Adulthood, or Maturation. To say the Universe is 'expanding' is to refer to the Universe similar to an organism, or entity, that grows, evolves. In other words, you can't have it both ways. You can't suck and blow at the same time. The Universe is either evolving, i.e. growing, or it is static, in a steady state for all 'Time". If God is constant, then so too his Creation."  Full Article

Message From: Ron Hicks (webmaster) 

For God, Humanity


Since my first contact of a mystic kind  I became a new person. Contacts of which continue to this day.

Firstly, I became an ordained minister.  A minister with a belief in God. Not the bible or any other religious teachings.  My beliefs are based entirely on my own personal experiences and the knowledge I have gained ... GOD IS ALL ...  

Secondly, I became a conspiracy theorist.  All that means to me is that, I question the official stories of past events and who or what controls our future. 

I hope the video to your right "The Chicken and The Eagle Story" by Dr. Eldon Taylor  will inspire all God loving people regardless of faith, to be proud to be a 'Conspiracy Theorist' too.  I am determined that together we can make things happen! The truth will set us all free.  Please contact me via my secure email form if you can blow the whistle on a story or have an idea to share.  


It was in 2006, over 3 years ago, that I began to experience a tremendous
amount of despair over my contact of a mystic kind.  The message is so
ugly "Beings from other dimensions of God's realm will destroy 
our planet." That message had me wishing I was living in a coma and 
would someday wake up.   However, that is not going to happen. To much 
evidence convinces me the message is for real. 
My story of contact was very difficult for me to master.  Please take the time 
to study all the sections of the site.  I provide real hard core evidence of 
contact that convinces me, I was and still am in contact with what I 
 refer to as the "Gods from Space."  See: Anomalies of Contact for
some samples of evidence.
I have been contacted by many others who have also experienced 
contact of a mystic kind and have offered encouragement and help
to me, to help spread the word.  We do not need money we just have to
work to destroy what I refer to as the "Illuminati."  Spread the truth
about who is really running our world.  Knowledge is power, together we
can make a difference.  We are souls with bodies, not bodies with souls
and our souls cannot die.
Along with God's Angels who are with me always we all together can
save the world.  I know that as a fact, I have been in contact with the
reptilian shape shifters many times and they are scared to death of me 
and good will prevail over evil.
Introduction: The Gods of Harmony
   * Forward about this site.
   * Gods of Harmony and our super consciousness.
   * Supreme Council of Beings Saturn - 26th dimension of Gods realm.
   * Gods of Harmony a power unto themselves.
   * Our world's cultural engineers are not human.
   * Ron's brief bio.
Interstellar communications:  Nature & form
   * Physics behind the contact.
   * Did I have a Cosmic Connection from January 2001?
   * First contact: Martian from another dimension of time.
   * Background information on the Hicks household.
   * Communication methods used the "how" of contact .
   * Impact of contact on Ron.
The message: We Are Under Alien Attack
   * Background information about the message.
   * The message
   * Canadian Maurice Strong is the 'keeper' of the beast.
   * Maurice Strong and the "Agenda For the Anitichrist Arrival."
   * Antimatter & Crestone: The world's most powerful weapon.
Anomalies of Contact: The Ron Hicks Story
   * Power Of Intention - changing the way you look at things.
   * Dr. George King - the miracle man behind the contact & 448 connection.
   * Sample of physical evidence of a prayer being answered.
   * Saved by the bell - JFK assassination Toronto story link to Ron Hicks
   * Interview with US Army Colonel G.B. 
   * Colorado State linked to the home of the New World Order.
   * Maurice Strong keeper of the "Beast" Crestone Colorado.


Need To Know - Aliens Living Amongst Us


Articles & Podcasts: Viewpoints Ron Hicks
   * Articles pertaining to contact.
   * The Big Picture - New World Order  
   * Replays - Shark Tank Radio

(Poem - A brief story about my contacts)

I have been to places in God's realm, where "love" is the only  power.
A universe reflecting, underlying intelligence, created with great power.
The waves with particle duality of life, reflect our creator's underlying power.
Waves of life, that are consistent with love of a purposeful universal power.
Our creator beckoned my call, I visited him, through his power.
The reasons how, were hard to master, those zones of psychic power.
The trillion neurons in our brains, somehow are linked to the all mighty power.
Wave after wave I visited them, with Martian guides in their ship of power.
Trillions of planets teeming with life, full of love which is their power.
I've been to Saturn just two times, now I am a member of the big wave of power.
The Saturn Council represents members of all of our universe's waves of love power.
I hold a seat on the Supreme Council of Beings, remember love is my power.
I am just the sixth human, in sixty thousand years of existence to reach this power.
Universal beings do not die and are governed by the big wave of love power.
My soul, my consciousness are spirituality without religion, this is love power.
Our Creator is linked to all living things, so he can experience all waves of power.
Intelligent creation with a purpose, our Creator experiences all forms of power.
Our universe was created and left to evolve, so he can witness all forms of power.
Intelligent creation not Intelligent design, this is the purpose of universal power.
Evil evolved like a lot of things, without it, our Creator would not know it's power.
Our living earth is home to many waves of life particles - one is evil power.
Reptilian species in their wave, have mastered evil zones of psychic power.
Light years before mankind evolved, they fled to earth, to escape love power.
The Cosmic Masters trapped them here, to save the universe from all evil power.
Remember intelligent creation not intelligent design, is the reason for this evil power.
On earth, brick by brick all around us, reptilian evil builds a new world power.
They want to rule the Universe, and are using mankind to strengthen their evil power.
They are on our planet hidden from us, but not for long this evil power.
Face to face they have challenged me, I have met this evil power.
Their zones of psychic power are no match for the big wave of power.
Fear and control over mankind is their choice to build their empire of evil power.
End times is near but not for mankind, their evil is being exposed to love power.
All particles cannot die, a wave of horror is waiting for all evil power.
If, I am mentally ill, than that is OK with me, I love every minute of love power.
If, you do not believe me, I understand, but do not call me a liar, check out evil power.
If humans do not understand, I accept,  my  message is really for reptilian evil power.

Viewpoint: RON HICKS    

Who or whatever is actually 
running our world is not 
human. The best proof of this 
is the sheer longevity of the  
planning and the deeply
hidden links to sinister world 
events throughout many centuries.


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Holographic Universe
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"The Chicken and The Eagle Story" by Dr. Eldon Taylor
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